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We Now Accept FSA/HSA Accounts

We now have even more options tailored to your specific needs, including using your HSA and/or FSA affiliated with your insurance plan.

Process your payment at our spa or online for any services using your HSA or FSA at our spa is as simple as using any other payment method.

What is FSA/HSA Accounts?

 Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) are both great healthcare plans that reduce an employee’s income tax liability and let them pay for medical and wellness related expenses.

 FSA and HSA plans are like personal savings accounts. However, the funds in the accounts can only be used for qualifying medical expenses & Our Non invasive body contouring services qualifies for those medical expenses!

Don't let your HSA / FSA Funds Expire!

                    USE IT OR LOSE IT!

FSA funds are use it or lose it, and any unused money left over at the end of the year is no longer yours. Unused funds go to your employer, who can split it among employees in the FSA plan or use it to offset the costs of administering benefits. However, with us you can.




       BUY it NOW and USE it LATER!


By going into our spa or booking online and buying our packages or  memberships at a great value. Contact us today to find out more details about using HSA/FSA!  


   FSA/HSA Account                      Restrictions

Does my FSA/HSA account have restrictions on what I can purchase?

Body Dynamics is a self care wellness spa. We do not contract with any insurance, and therefore do not have access to individual account information. To know what the limitations and/or requirements are on your account, it is your responsibility to contact your provider and verify the terms of your policy before making a purchase.

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