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Our mission and vision

 About Us

Discover all the amazing possibilities of joining our magnificent destination. We invite you to visit Body Dynamics, a time and space for inspiration and regeneration of your body and mind. Experience peace and rejuvenation in the tranquil surroundings of our Gaithersburg spa, where attentive and individualized service is delivered with exceptional care.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose
Leg Stretching Yoga Pose


Our mission is to deliver top -quality products, spa treatments, and exceptional  customer service in a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere while promoting self -care and wellness.



Body Dynamics was founded by Sala Aghkekian. I was born and raised in Montgomery county Maryland, and I have a Masters degree in social work. It has always been a passion of mines to help others, whether its where they want to be in life or image wise. I am a certified licensed body contouring specialist, dedicated to assisting my clients in enhancing their physical appearance, ultimately fostering  improved mental health and confidence. My guiding principle is if you look your best, you feel your best. At Body Dynamics we are committed to empowering both women and men to achieve their desired goals. 

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